Hot Dip Galvanized Type Cable Tray NEMA

General Features

E-Line CT series hot-dip galvanized cable trays

E-LINE CTHF-E series Cable Trays are manufactured with the same load bearing capabilities of thicker trays, but are made by molding sheet metal into a more robust design. This cable tray is manufactured as a hot dipped part and can be used internally and externally in the buildings due to its high corrosion resistance..

E-LINE CTN Cable Trays are also manufactured as hot dipped cable trays. Thanks to the "Normal duty structure", it offers lighter and more economic solutions when compared to heavy duty type cable trays.

They are designed to carry the wiring installations internally or externally in factories and buildings, especially in humid, moist or corrosive environments. They can also be manufactured as pre-galvanized upon request.

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Flexible Module - Cable Trays

Flexible module which is specially designed and manufactured for our range of cable trays, has a bendability up to 90 ° which allows the Cable Trays to be installed quickly and easily at the necessary angle.

Technical Features

E-LINE CTHF-E Hot Dip Cable Tray Systems
Heavy duty type
Channel Height is 40mm or 60mm; 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 600mm channel widths are available.
E-Line CTHF-E is manufactured in the tray height of 40/50/60mm
in the width of 100/200/300/400/500/600mm
with 0.7 mm thickness for the width of 100-200-300 mm and 0.9 mm thickness for the width of 400-500-600mm
Manufactured as hot dipped in accordance with the standard TS EN ISO 1461
Thanks to special forms on the tray and the raw materials used, it has the same attributes to bear almost the same load with the products with usual thickness.
Compatible with CTE modules
Rich variety of accessories
Fire resistant certificates (E30-E60-E90)
E-LINE CTN Hot Dip Cable Tray Systems
Normal-Duty type cable tray
In thicknesses of 1/1,2/1,5/2 mm
E-LINE CTH-CTA Hot Dip Cable Tray Systems
with the tray height of 40/50/60/75/100/125/150mm
in width of 50/100/150/200/250/300/400/500/600mm (optional width of 700-800-900)
in the length of 3000mm (optional length of 6000mm)
Hot dipped in accordance with the standard TS EN ISO 1461 and afterwards EAE-specific special protective coating on hot dipping
Enables various accessories to be installed through the holes with the diameter of 20.5 right at the center of the cable tray (ensures quick assembly of devices such as lighting panel, fire detector, etc.)
Fire resistance certificates (E30-E60-E90)
Optional coated manufacturing on galvanize (Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester, Polyester)

E-Line CT Pictures (Hot dip galvanized cable tray)

Applications E-Line CT

  • Car Parking Areas
  • Construction Sites
  • Factories and industrial installations
  • Food premises
  • Power plants