Data Center General Information

EAE Elektrik is your reliable and innovative manufacturer worldwide offering Busway, Rack Cabinet, Cable Tray and Support Systems to serve the critical Data Center infrastructure with peace of mind.

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Customer Driven Design: EAE Data Center Solutions

Customer Driven Design

EAE product family has been designed and manufactured to address the needs of end users. At all design steps, customer feedbacks have been considered which then guide our designs to end-up with more user friendly, modular and wide range products.

Lean Production - EAE

Lean Production

To add value for the customers, increase productivity and quality, to manage competition, we strongly adopt to Lean Production". It is an important tool that helps to act fast, create wide product portfolio and reduce manufacturing costs.

Innovative Approcah - Data Center Solutions

Innovative Approach

EAE product family provides innovative solutions such as Seismic Rack Cabinets and Seismic Support Systems, Particular Aisle and Containment for Cooling and In-aisle Lighting with continuous R&D studies to increase Energy Efficiency and maximize Uptime.

Data Center Challanges

The accelerated rise of energy consumption in data centers and increasing global energy costs make the energy efficiency the permanent hot topic in the data center industry. Due to its big impact on energy efficiency, the heat sources in the IT Power Infrastructure shall be designed within a scope of "Energy Optimization Program" leading to less power loss and naturally less heat dissipation. In addition to that, the cooling methods shall be considered and implemented carefully aiming to completely isolate cold cooling air and hot exhaust air with a correct airflow management by means of containment solutions.

Data centers must be monitored and managed in case of the fire, flood, earthquake and physical unauthorized access by means of to Rack cabinet, hallway, room and area. Especially, data center sustainability should be continuous without a security breach during special security and cloud IT service applications on each customer needs. For these matter, EAE provides busway solutions which appropriate to Sprinkler test, busway tap-off boxes with segmentations which can allow to heat heat measurement from outside, seismic support systems, busway and seismic rack cabinets which has high fire-resistant rate and blocks to metal hair formation. Various application could be created based on customer demands at different security levels for block unauthorized access to data centers with mechanical or electromechanical locking systems, keypad- proximity card, finger print, retina scan and palm scan solutions.

The accelerated rise of the data volume due to Colocation & Cloud Computing and also the recent trends such as IoT and new approaches in social media is resulting the Data Center spaces to be LIVE environments with a lot of Moves Adds and Changes (MACs), bringing up Scalability issue as one of the important challenges. The data center design approach shall consider the overall capacity increase for the first day and future upgrades with flexible implementations. The IT Power and Passive Digital Infrastructure, with High Modularity, Flexible Project Management and Expansion, Time Saving Fast Installations, Free Standing Aisle Containments, which are expandable and adaptable for standard and non-standard Rack Cabinets, together with expandable Cable Mash Trays ensures to fulfil this objective.

Uptime Institute define Tier classifications for the proper design, built and operation of data centers. The availability of the data center for the active hardware (servers & switches) and its related power, cooling and digital connectivity infrastructure shall always be maintained during operation, maintenance and the upgrade processes. To ensure this, the IT Power Infrastructure shall provide High Short Circuit, High Fire Resistance, Hot-Swap Operations and Physical Durability as well as Busway Tap-Off points Flexibility while The IT Passive Digital Infrastructure of Rack Cabinets and High Density Cable Tray Systems shall ensure end-to-end sustainability.

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