KabinPLUS KL Series 19" Data Center Colocation Rack Cabinets have been designed to offer a multi-tenant housing with high flexibility and security in a single robust core construction for data center colocation environments.

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Colocation Rack Cabinets. EAE.

Side Panels; divided panels, lockable

Heights (in Rack Units) Baying Width Depths
42U 2 x 1 bay of 20U 800 mm 1000/1100/1200 mm.
1 bay of 21U
3 x 2 bays of 13U each 800 mm 1000/1100/1200 mm.
1 bay of 14U
4 x 3 bays of 10U each 800 mm 1000/1100/1200 mm.
1 bay of 9U
47U 2 x 1 bay of 22U 800 mm 1000/1100/1200 mm.
1 bay of 23U
3 x 3 bays of 15U each 800 mm 1000/1100/1200 mm.
4 x 4 bays of 11U each 800 mm 1000/1100/1200 mm.
CoLocation-Rack-Cabinets-(Vertical Mounting Rails)
19" Independent Vertical Mounting Rails:
Easy and independently adjustable for each bay, manually displaceable with U marking on both sides
Doors for Colocation Rack-Cabinets
Single front and split rear doors toolless displaceable -ventilated by 85% perforation, opens to 180/270 degrees when bayed/not bayed
Top and Bottom Panels:
With 6 x knockout cable entry areas aligned on the cable ducts with brushes, also overhead cable management on the top panel as option
Levelling Feet-42U/47U-Castor Module
Levelling Feet & Castor Module:
Heavy duty easy drive levelling feet with castors
Baying Brackets:
Easy baying on the front and back sides
Electrical Bonding for Colocation Rack Cabinet
Electrical Bonding:
Full electrical bonding of the rack cabinet, doors-side & roof & bottom panels with the reference bonding point
Locking-Mechanisms for Data Center Security
Locking Mechanisms:
Various lock choices with open access connectivity
IEC 61587-1, UL 2416, IEC 60082-2, EIA 310-E, ISO 9227, ASTM B 117 (for mechanical properties)
IEC 61010-1, IEC 60950-1 (for electrical properties)
Load Carrying Capacity:
  • 1200 kg static load (according to IEC 61587-1)
  • 1500 kg static load (tested for UL 2416)
  • 1500 kg dynamic load (tested for UL 1678)

Cable Pathways With Common Ducting

All the cables can be installed in a side common duct with an individual brushed bay access to serve each bay independently by service providing company only and secured by locking mechanism with top and buttom cable entry points. Four (4) independent Common Ducts (2 x right + 2 x left) are deployable on a single colocation enclosure

Cable Pathways With Independent Ducting

The cable ducts are designed as independent cable pathways to accomodate cabling for each individual bay separately with top and buttom cable entry points. Each bay has its own brushed individual access to its independent cable duct area. Two (2) Independent Ducts (1 x right + 1 x left) are deployable on a single colocation enclosure.


Cabling Features

Overhead (Roof) Cable Management:
Vertical Cable Management:
Plastic finger cable organizer, plastic ring cable organizer, metal ring cable organizer, finger cable duct organizer, vertical cable tray
Cable Management-EAE Vertical Cable Management-3193 Vertical Cable Management for Data Center

Locking Mechanisms

For the physical security and monitored access to your critical infrastructure KabinPLUS KL 19" Data Center Colocation Rack Cabinets offer various locking mechanism and open access connectivity. Mechanical and electro-mechanical locking, keypad access, proximity card access, finger print, eye retina or hand geometry biometric access and their combinations are among the available choices..

Data Center Access Controls-3211


Cable Management

Air Blocking Panels

Shelves & L-Support Rails

Levelling Feet & Castor Sets & Baying Kit

Cabinet Bottom Cover Plates

Brush Kits

Grounding Kits & Potential Equalizer Bar