Snap-on Type Pregalvanized Cable Tray IEC

General Specifications

E-LINE UKFG-UKFC systems can be bolted together without requiring additional accessories thanks to the Snap-On system at its end sections. It provides great savings with the lowest thickness and lowest cost as well as shortest time during installation at construction sites.

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Technical Specifications

E-LINE UKFG-UKFC Pre-galvanized Snap-On Systems
In heavy service type
40/50/60 mm channel height
100/200/300/400/500/600 mm widths
In 100-200-300 mm widths, between 0.7 mm and 400-500-600 mm widths, 0.9 mm thicknesses
Ability to carry equal loads of classical thickness products with the special trunking on channel
Ease of mounting without additional accessories thanks to Snap-On system
Large accessory range
Fire resistance certificates (E30-E60-E90)

E-Line UKFG-C Pictures

E-Line UKFG-C Applications

  • Car Parks
  • Hotels, Housings
  • Factories and Industrial Plants
  • Food premises