Wire Mesh Type Cable Tray IEC

Wire Mesh Cable Trays - General Features

With E-line TLS series Wire Mesh Cable Trays, cable outputs downward, to right or left between the wires can be easily made thanks to the cage structure of Wire Mesh Tray systems. They are produced as stainless steel or electro-galvanized plating options.

Our wire mesh cable trays are manufactured in consideration of today's high tech cabling requirements. High resistant stainless steel wire or electro galvanized coating wires are manufactured.

Wire mesh cable trays are widely utilized both in food production industry prioritizing hygiene and in data cables and low-voltage installations.

Thanks to its lightweight and flexible structure, it provides superiority in curved crossings while ensuring convenience and facilitation in steering cables due to its open upper design. Extensive joint spacing and bracket and clamp alternative and options are available.

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Technical Features

Height is 35-50 and 100mm and the width can be up to 50-100-150-200-250-300-400-500-600mm. Wires used in the tray vary as Ø4mm and Ø5mm. Standard length is 3000mm.
Wire mesh cable trays are formed by compounding the wire cable conduits with the horizontal wires at vertical direction at the distance of every 100 mm and with the vertical wires at horizontal direction at the distance of every 50 mm.
Low-voltage current cable trays to be laid within the "wire mesh cable trays" shall absolutely be within a separate partition.
For instance; a separator must be assembled in the same height and length within the wire mesh cable trays or low-voltage current installation cables must be within separate cable trays. The cables shall be fixed within the cable tray with a plastic cable tie.

E-Line TLS (Wire Mesh Cable Trays) Pictures

Applications E-Line TLS (Wire Mesh Cable Trays)

  • Chemical Plants
  • Factories and industrial installations
  • Food premises
  • Offices
  • Data Center
  • Banks
  • " Wire Mesh Cable Trays " are used in hospitals and Airports.