Trunking Type Cable Tray IEC

General Features

E-Line TKS series trunking cover cable trays systems are used for wiring in the interior environments. They are manufactured as pre-galvanized or painted. Its cover can be easily mounted thanks to its special lock system. Mounting the modules on trays is pretty easy.

Just like in weak current installations, it is a cable carrier system in which the cables in high-voltage installations can be carried after the assembly offering reliable, easy, quick, mechanical and optical protection.

The edges of the cable conduit are made of non-perforated metal that is curved inwards for the purpose of enhancing the strength and resistance.

The grounding of the snap-on (electrical continuity) is a substantial matter for data and telephone cables.

There are link clearances reducing the trans-resistance and grounding continuity on the joints of each straight length and turning module in EAE cable snap-on system with cover. These links are available within the product range.

Safe and smooth edge design to protect the cable

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Technical Features

They are made of 1.5 and 2mm pre-galvanized material. It can be painted as required. Height is 50 - 75 - 100 and 150mm and the Width is up to 50-75-100-150-200mm.
Trunking cover cable snap-on systems are manufactured as 3 m. for straight lengths as a standard.
Sheet metal in thickness of 1.5 mm is used for snap-on 100x200 and 150x150 while sheet metal in thickness of 1.2 mm is used for cable with other dimensions.
Straight length snap-on and turning modules are supplied with covers thereof.
There are 3 locking points to secure the covers in straight lengths. There are 2 pcs. of locks on each locking point for the widths of 100, 150 and 200 and at least 1 pcs. of lock for the widths of 50 and 75 mm.
TKS series Trunking Snap-on Cover has a special locking system. It is possible to lock by rotating the locking system by quarter round with ease. The latch located under the cover enables to secure the cover to the conduit with a quarter round.

E-Line TKS (Trunking Cable Tray) Pictures

Applications E-Line TKS (Trunking Cable Tray)

  • Food sector
  • Weak current installations
  • Business centers
  • Trunking Cover Cable is preferred in Data Centers and Offices.