To feed the Rack Cabinets with the required energy budgets and monitor the energy consumption. EAE offers a wide range Tap-Off Boxes composed of sheet metal and plastic boxes. Customized Tap-Off boxes provide an independent setup for choosing a variety of electrical equipment to be installed regardless of the brand. Energy Metering over RJ-45 connection using the structured cabling is one of the value-added features of the EAE Tap-Off boxes. for the real-time monitoring of energy consumption and other critical power parameters in your data centers to monitor and drive your IT infrastructure efficiently.

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Data Center Tap-Off Boxes Pictures

Busway Tap-off Box

Max. voltage 600V UL, 1000V IEC
Max. unit amperage Aluminium Tap-off Boxes up to 125A
Max. unit amperage Compact Tap-off Boxes up to 80A
Plug-in tap off points On data rack busway, where tap off boxes can be installed at any point on the busway
Color EAE Busway products are available in the color of your choice. Our standard colors are RAL 7012 (data rack busway)
Enclosure All EAE busway products are fully enclosed and have aluminum housings. Protection ratings differ by product line
Degree of Protection Varies by product line, KD Data Rack Busway is IP23D as standard
Certification All EAE products are IEC certified, and UL certification is available on an increasing number of products


Plastic or Sheet Metal
Plug-in tap off points at every 25 cm
IP 55 protection class
Compact Tap-off Boxes up to 80A
Sheet metal Tap-Off Boxes up to 400A
Energy Monitoring and Management
RJ-45 Connectivity
Customization with
  • Main/Molded Case/Residual Circuit Breakers
  • NH Fuses
  • Surge Protection Devices, Energy Analyzers
  • Power Meters with Current Transformers