950A to 5700A Medium Voltage Busway IEC
Medium Voltage Busway
The E-Line Medium Voltage Busway is the latest product in the "E-Line" Series, with a capacity range of 12kV and 24kV. The Medium Voltage Busway is manufactured inside a single frame, with the customer option of using Al or Cu for the embedded conductors. The conductors are carefully insulated using a complex alloy of silicon minerals and epoxy resin. The MV Busway is manufactured up to a grade of 5700A as standard.

Each conductor is tin plated and housed in aluminum. Aluminum is a "nonferrous" metal meaning it is a lighter material and more cost effective as a customer option. 

E-Line MV Busway System Advantages

  • Products tested in accordance with the international standards
  • Outdoor IP 68 level protection
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Pest-resistant
  • Usable in tropical environments
  • High mechanical strength
  • Without stack effect
  • Highly resistant to short circuit
  • Ensures less voltage drop in comparison with cabled systems
  • UV-resistant
  • No requirement for maintenance
  • High short circuit resistance due to compact structure
  • Special design to occupy minimum space based on the running amperage rank

Medium Voltage Busway Areas of Use

  • Outdoors
  • Industrial buildings
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Areas with flood risk
  • Oil and natural gas Industry
  • Power Generation Industry
  • Data centers

E-Line MV Busway Installation


E-Line MV Busway (Medium Voltage Busway) Images


Medium Voltage Busway Technical Features

Current ranks for 12 kV MVC Busway Copper conductor series; 950A / 1150A / 1350A /1650A / 2250A / 2750A
Current ranks for 24 kV MVA Busway Aluminum conductor series; 1500A / 2000A / 2500A / 3000A
Current ranks for 24 kV MVC Busway Copper conductor series; 1800A / 2100A / 3200A / 4000A / 5000A / 5700A
IP68 standard
Metal enclosure on L1, L2, L3 3 conductive cast resin guard
Metal enclosure is designed to ensure grounding and easy support as well

MV (Medium Voltage Busway) is consisting of Copper and Aluminum conductors embedded within a homogeneous insulation alloy of pure silicon minerals and epoxy resin, ensuring high mechanical strength and chemical resistance.

E-Line MV Series Busway Systems are used in facilities for horizontal or vertical energy transmission. Medium Voltage Busway System is manufactured for power transmission and distribution requirements in high secure structures and plants. Medium Voltage MV Cast Resin Busway is developed for power systems ranging between 12 kV-24 kV and 950A and 5700A.