Compact Busway Power Distribution System 400...7500 A

E-Line KX Series are the ultimate solution for high power range compact busway system to distribute power from the main transformer stations, generator sets and various high power sources through main distribution lines to the LV switchgears in the data center power infrastructure.

With ratings from 400A to 7500A composed of high conductivity copper and aluminum conductors, the sandwich construction combines insulated conductors in an aluminum housing. Due to its compact design, the EAE E-Line KX Series Busway System can also be utilized for the data center white space power distribution to leverage the space utilization and heat distribution. The wide range Tap-Off box choices with customization also applies to the EAE E-Line KX Series.

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Modular structure
Plug-in tap off points at every 25 cm
Aluminium or copper conductors
4, 4,5 or 5 conductors
Tin plated conductors
Dust cover on outlet points
IP 55 protection class
Single shear head bolt joint
Compact Tap-off Boxes up to 80A
Sheet metal Tap-Off Boxes up to 400A

Data Center KX Busway Pictures


  • Data Centers - White Space Area
  • Data Centers - Medium Range Power Distribution Areas with High Density Tap-Off Points
  • Other - Medium-Sized buildings or industrial facilities

Plug-in Tap Off Box

  • IEC 60331-1; 830 °C – 3 Hours, Magnetic MCCB
  • IEC 60331-1; 830 °C – 3 Hours, NH Circuit Breakers

Fire Certificate KX Series Busway

  • IEC 60331-1 and IEC 60331-21; 1000 °C - 3 Hours IEC 60331-1; 830 °C – 3 Hours
  • BS 6387; 950 °C – 3 Hours
  • BS 8491; 830 ˚C, 120 minutes + Pressurized Water + Mechanical Impact