63-80A Underfloor busway systems IEC

Underfloor Busway Systems

The DABLINE busway is an underfloor solution, designed to be used in raised floor rooms, offices, and corridors. The DABLINE busway has different color options and is small in size to fit into places as narrow as 50mm from the floor.

Using an underfloor busway is easy and minimizes risk without requiring cable trays, cabling, or junction boxes.

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Tap-Off Units

13A, 16A, 32A tap off plugs (with MCB or empty)
For 32A used tap off box

Technical Features

Rating Currents: 63A or 80A
1200 – 2400 – 3000 mm optional straight lengths
Plug-in outlets every 300mm or 600mm option
IP55 Protection Degree
Halogen Free plastics up to 960°C Fire rating
Keyed Tap-off Plugs
The springed contacts of busway are silver plated
On the conductor,full length isolation that provides the security of life and property againts danger below which could come from outside
Earthing continuity and installation at joint point are provided by using single bolt
Each busway length is complete with integral floor fixing brackets
IP covers hinged on plug-in windows
2, 3, 4, 5 conductor options (clean earth optional)
Single Phase (for UPS and mains) 2 separate circuit possibilities for 2 separate busways or for the same plug (mains, UPS)
Addressable current reception units in different colors for the mains and UPS

DABLINE (Underfloor Busway System) Pictures

Dabline (Underfloor Busway) Applications

  • Banks
  • Business Centers
  • New Generation Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Conference Centers
  • Educational Building
  • Tourist Facilities etc
  • In all kinds of buildings and alike equipped with raised floor application