Busway Systems History

To meet the need of the booming economic growth if the 1930s, busway systems were introduced to distribute power efficiently and reliably in high rise facilities. As the popularity of the busway grew in the US, later in the 1950s Japan and Europe began implementing these solutions.

It was EAE Electric who first started production and use of busway systems in Turkey in the 1970s


The EAE E-Line Series busway is designed in a modular configuration, to meet all power requirements in modern enterprise, industrial, and business centers. Adding additional machinery, modifying floor layouts, and accessing power can be achieved without disruption the electrical load of the facility.

Power is distributed through isolated Copper or Aluminum bars, insulated and then encased with a metal enclosure and is safely distributed via tap-off boxes. These tap off boxes can be plugged in safely at the appropriate tap-off outlets along the length of the busway, without interrupting the power supply or other equipment supplied by the same busway.

E-Line KX Busway & Busway Systems

E-Line Busway Systems are UL and internationally certified and can be expanded, replaced, moved, or reused as whenever necessary. Customers can easily, and safely distribute power using tap off boxes, anywhere along the busway line.
Provides energy distribution between the current ranges, 400A and 6300A.

E-Line Busways, which have international test certificates, can be expanded, replaced, moved or reused whenever necessary. It is very easy, economical and safe to take power using tap off boxes placed anywhere along the busway route.

Busway Pictures

Busway Current Carrying Capacities

Busway Tap-off Boxes

Max. voltage 600V UL, 1000V IEC
Max. unit amperage Sheet metal Tap-Off Boxes up to 630A
Compact Tap-off Boxes up to 80A
Aluminium Tap-off Boxes up to (for MKP Data 80A) / (for KOP Data125A)
Plug-in tap off points Plug-in tap off points at every 2 foot, except on data rack busway, where tap off boxes can be installed at any point on the busway
Color EAE Busway products are available in the color of your choice. Our standard colors are RAL 7038 (power distribution busway) and RAL 7012 (data rack busway)
Enclosure All EAE Busway products are fully enclosed and have aluminum housings. Protection ratings differ by product line
Degree of Protection Varies by product line, KX is IP 55 protection class as standard. KD data rack busway is IP23D as standard
Certification All EAE Products are IEC certified, and UL certification is available on an increasing number of products

Why choose EAE Busway ?

EAE Busway delivers high quality, reliable and flexible power distribution throughout your Industrial, Data Center or other facility. Busway system is the best method of transmission and distribution of electrical energy quickly, easily and safely. We can examine the advantages of EAE Busway Systems for preference in 5 main topics.

  • Provides easy projecting and planning
  • Provides fast and easy installation
  • Allows secure energy transmission and distribution
  • Provides economy, time and flexibility
  • Minimum Voltage Drop
  • Fire resistant

Bolt-on busway?

Our bolt-on busway is used for point to point power distribution, including connecting switchboards and transformers, as well as switchboards and power distribution panels or plug in busway. There are no plug-in points on the their housing. It is used in general horizontal and vertical power distributions and between transformers and panel connections.

Plug in busway?

Our plug-in busway allows you to access the power in the busway through a tap-off box, which can be equipped with a wide range of circuit protection and metering options, based on your needs. Current between 32A and 600A can be obtained from plug-in points on the housing. It is often used in intensive machinary feeds and vertical line feeds. These are the busways that can be plug-in points from both the current receiving outlets on the housing.


EAE E-Line Busway systems have structural features that do not require special maintenance. Each component of the system is modular and can be installed and uninstalled easily. The entire system may be moved to another location if necessary.


In addition to their functionality, E-Line Busway systems give a modern look to business enterprises.


Through their modular structure and superior features, E-Line Busway systems provide easy, economical, fast and modern solutions for the relocation of machinery and similar equipment in business enterprises. All modifications and additions can be performed easily without interrupting the operation of the facility.