160A to 800A IEC

Busway - Reliable Energy Distribution

The KO-II Busway is our medium power busway solution for power distribution in medium-sized industrial facilities, and data centers. The KO-II busway is typical seen in the industrial and data center space because of its 160A-800A range. The KO-II is ideal for horizontal and vertical applications, where customizable tap off boxes are needed. Tap off box solutions can include custom fitted metal, or plastic enclosures. Fitted inside the tap off boxes can be customer selected circuit breakers.

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Reliable Energy Distribution E-Line KO-II

Current ratings for KOA II Aluminum conductor series 160A / 250A / 315A / 400A / 500A / 600A / 630A / 800A
Current ratings for KOC II Copper conductor series 250A / 315A / 400A / 600A / 800A
IP 55 Protection Degree
Aluminum or copper conductor
Tin plated aluminium or copper conductors
4, 4,5 or 5 conductors
Plug-in tap off outlets at every 50 cm on both sides as standard
Clean earth option

Vertical Busway Installation Animation

E-Line KO-II Busway Pictures

Tap Off Boxes

  • Three phase tap off boxes with DIN mounted MCB up to 40A or 80A (empty or fuse included)
  • Tap off boxes with SYK switch fuse up to 160A, 250A and 400A (excluding fuses)
  • Tap off boxes with MCCB (moulted case circuit breaker) with current ratings up to 160A, 250A and 400A
  • Special design data center tap off boxes

E-Line KO-II Busway Systems Applications

  • Production areas in factories
  • Textile facilities
  • Furniture facilities
  • Automotive factories
  • Automotive sub-industry
  • Shopping malls
  • Exhibition centers
  • High-rise buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business Centers
  • "Medium Power Busway Systems" are used in Business Centers and Data Centers.