SINCE 1973...

The EAE Group of Companies started its journey in 1973. EAE''s mindset has always been to design and manufacture products and systems to make the processes of its customers easier, more reliable and more cost effective. With founders having engineering backgrounds, the products and their reliability and quality has always been front and center for EAE. EAE Elektrik Inc., the first company founded in the group, designs, manufactures, and sells electrical distribution systems. Its product groups include Busway Systems, and Cable Management and Support Systems. In 1983 EAE Lighting Inc., which designs and manufactures LED lighting products for office and industrial use, was founded. EAE Machinery Inc., EAE Electrotechnic Inc. and EAE Technology Inc were founded consecutively in 1996, 2004 and 2009. .

Since its foundation EAE moved and modernized its manufacturing facilities to accomodate the growing requirements of the market and to enhance its process efficiency and product reliability by adapting new technologies. In 2019 the group moved to a new manufacturing compound increasing its closed manufacturing area to 2,900,000 sqf. The compound also houses two state of the art testing and innovation laboratories, one for lighting products and one for electrical products.

With sustainable growth, product development, and new horizons in mind, EAE invests in new technologies, manufacturing facilities, companies and human resources. EAE products are available in over one hundred countries. To be able to serve and assist its growing market, the group established its sister companies in Italy, USA, Germany, Australia and Russia. EAE has also its own marketing offices in Spain, France, UK, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan. Additionally, our distributors and system partners provide products and services in more than 100 countries.

Established 1973
2,900,000 sq ft Closed Manufacturing Area
5 factories
Export to more than 100 countries
3 R&D Centers


Each industry and customer requires its own application and solution and presents its own challenges. EAE R&D centers work to integrate unique EAE features into each product group to fulfill customer requirements and also present the customers with unique, outside the box solutions. In addition to all these, we substantiate our innovative vision and your confidence in our enterprise with over 30 patents, 300 brands and 100 industrial designs.

EAE maintains ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates. Factories in the new compound are Leed Gold certified.


Our goal is to be present with our customers whenever and wherever we are needed, delivering products and solutions designed for their unique challenges, while maintaining our leadership of the industry for our own product groups. We are an adaptable, reliable, innovative, quick thinking company with an insatiable curiosity. We are ready, and excited, to be your partner for challenges within our abilities.